Sunday, September 21, 2008

sick and tired

Last night I kept waking up, in half-dreams imagining I had a great mechanical mask on my face, something like a Borg appliance. It's this dratted cold and it's been getting worse every day since Thursday.

Thursday morning I awoke hardly able to swallow. Surmising I was sick and realizing this would account for the past few days' sneezing and coughing, I treated it to my usual remedy: vitamin C and E and a whole lot of sleep. I woke up again at 12:45 and realized I had to deal with the guy whose truck I dented the night before. Other than that, I don't recall accomplishing anything. Oh well, I told myself, today will be my Saturday. That night, against my better judgment, I went out with my friend Bryant to catch Peelander Z at Ground Zero.

Peelander Red's beautiful dreadlocks are gone! oh mourn the day.

"My Heart will Go On"

Peelander Yellow with Bryant (to whom photo credits belong)

Sure it was a lot of fun, and I didn't scream nearly as much as last time, but there's no way dancing around in a smoke-filled bar to music so loud the hair on my neck vibrated can be what a sick body needs.

On Friday I got up at 11, but the fog was thicker and I really can't recall doing much of anything except sometime late in the afternoon going out into the woods with my Bible, God Calling and a lawn chair, and being captivated by the brilliance of the sunlight shafting across leaves and rotting wood. Two colors were highlighted in various shades, creating a palette any designer would be wont to snatch. There was a rich, chestnutty light brown in the foamy, flaky fallen pines, a variant of which glowed like fire on twigs where the sun caught. And then there were the greens - the glow-in-the-dark, plush greens of moss and lichen, and a more vibrant version in the leaves overhead. I couldn't keep the song of praise and wonder from pouring out my mouth. God is an artist.

Yesterday, Bryant and I went to PJ Teague's house to jam again. We did some Beatles stuff, Who Loves the Sun by Velvet Underground, (which, apparently, is also a favorite Tally Hall likes to cover...who knew?) and Fly Me To the Moon. He gave us homemade eggrolls too - they were delicious. Despite my constant sneezing and out-of-its-prime voice, we had a really good time. In fact, we had such a good time that we lost track of time and Bryant had to drop me straight off at babysitting so I'd be there in time. There, armed with a generous supply of antibacterial hand soap, the magic "five minute warning," and a toaster oven, I survived the evening.

Today, the fog was so thick I could hardly stand up without feeling dizzy and weak. I slept so much I'm ashamed of myself. I'm glad it wasn't tonight I had to babysit 'cuz I am definitely not equal to that task. I did manage to cut Dad's hair and I made it through Bards practice, but now I think my evening has ended. I'm going to lay down again. (Funny, blogging takes effort but it's all I've wanted to do all day.)


  1. Ugh... hope you're feeling better now/feel better soon! Missed you Sunday. :( Now I know why...

  2. Even sick, you rock. We covered this post on and, by the way.


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