Saturday, September 6, 2008

Art Mart and the Philharmonic

Today was a good day. I've been working on that song of my friend's and I think I've got a decent tune. In the afternoon I stopped by Creative Tastes/the Hub-Bub Art Mart. Sarah and Ellie are too cool. They sold tutus and moustache-on-a-stick's (moustaches-on-sticks?)

This Tuesday they are starting an "adult playtime" called Spark n' Boil. (more info here. ignore the "21" it's actually for 18 and up.) Sounds like a barrel of monkeys. I'm so there.

It was blasted hot so after helping set up for a bit Bryant and I fled to Taco Bell for a Frutista Freeze (those things are so good) and then to PJ's house to jam. He's got this music room full of instruments - we rocked out, it was awesome. He even put a new spin on one of my old songs and made it sound pretty good. And I found out that Rock Band, unlike most video games, is not a complete waste of time. Bryant plays drums on there all the time and now he kicks butt on the real thing.

By the time we left it was considerably cooler outside so I went back to the Art Mart. There was some really fine work there. I felt bad about not buying anything (can't wait to get my own place to fill up with art) but placated myself with the thought of spreading the news about some really cool local artists and artisans.
Here's a sampling.

All Aboutcha - Jewelry by sister team Kristen and Trina - I know these ladies! Speaking of whom...Swing Dancing at the Hub-Bub September 17th! Woot woot! Be there.

Pottery by Kate - Beautiful rustic pottery designs at reasonable prices.

White Wolf - Hand-hammered silver and copper jewlry in Native American tradition.

McRose Designs - "Jewelry with an Artisan Spirit"

I'm really annoyed. I misplaced the cards of my top pick two artists (and they had to be the coolest cards too - one was a tiny print and the other was a recycled retail tag) but I will let you know when I find them.

...Actually, I found one of them on Google:

the Green Wardrobe - I just love the aesthetic of this artist. She had these great "upcycled" journals made from old hardbound books and various bits of stuff- including comics, feathers and Happy Meal bags. Very cool.

Oh and I was also reminded of a cool upcoming event: "A Taste of Africa" - it's going to be at the Memorial Auditorium on the 20th. It's sponsored by the Cross Cultural Institute. I've really got to check that place out some time.

Then to top off the evening, Lucas Patterson (editor of Root) gave me free tickets to the season opening concert of the Spartanburg Philharmonic so I took my dad. It was at Twitchell Auditorium at Converse so it was like a mini-reunion with a lot of Converse buddies. I even played usher while one of my music major friends took a pit stop. The music was of course spectacular. Violinist Lara St. John was the special guest and boy did she know how to put on a show. After intermission, they played this piece written by a guy who was sick with unrequited love and so he wrote this symphony about a crazy pipe-dream where he killed his beloved out of frustration and was sent to hell. Just by listening I would have never guessed - except for the final movement ("the Witches Sabbath") it sounded like your typical Romantic-era symphony. At least to me.

Yep, so it's been a pretty good day. I've got to wake up for church in 7 hours. Darn it.

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  1. ~ I saw the tag "PJ Teague" and I'm like, "hey, that's my last name!" Are you jamming with a long lost relative I didn't even know I had? Well that's neat.

    ~ Lots of good stuff going on around town, thanks for sharing.

    eyb ~


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