Sunday, September 28, 2008

Healing Species, Columbia and the International Festival

Gonna keep it short. 3:00 Saturday morning I rolled in from a two-day trip to Orangeburg, SC for the Healing Species training. I am so excited to bring this program to Spartanburg. In a nutshell, it is compassion education...assisted by a rescue dog, instructors go into elementary and middle schools to teach that being hurt is not ok, that every one of us has the power within to change the world, and that giving respect and love brings happiness and true success.

Pamela and I were in a panic the night before the trip since our transportation plans had fallen through. But at the last minute, our very kind, gracious and trusting friend Bill lent us his Lincoln Town Car. That single act has changed the course of our lives. (ack Heroes is rubbing off on me...) The Healing Species is instilling values that, if soaked into the consciousness of a generation, would radically reshape the future of mankind.

I will cover this in more detail in a lovely piece I'm writing that you will hopefully soon be reading in a local publication.

On Friday night we decided to take a detour in Columbia...thought we'd have a bit of an adventure and got a bit more than we bargained for. It started out well, wandering aimlessly through the city, stumbling across large historic buildings and memorial parks we knew nothing about...but then we got hungry. There's a nice little "bites and sights" guide and I got it into my head I wanted to try a tapas bar. As we wandered past a Marriott, I had a nice chat with the doorman, who suggested "blue." as a good pick for a "college budget." 90 minutes of trying to find parking, trying to find the tapas bar, and we finally follow the blue lights, discover they offer free valet parking, and that they are for 21 and up. I was mad. Then we drive around for another hour or so and finally settle on a McDonalds.

I was so exhausted by the end of it all. It was my intention to sleep late into the afternoon, but my dad had other plans and woke me at 11 for brunch. Mom and I then went to the International Fair, which was fantastic as gets bigger and better every year. Ate some great food and bought a few choice international treasures. My favorite booth belonged to Nisha Dias...gorgeous Indian jewelry, clothing, and "paper-free paper" gifts. She did henna on several of my friends too. I love Indian adornments.

I got home a little after 5:00, crashed, and didn't wake up again till this morning. Thing is, I'm still exhausted. Think I'm going to bed now.

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