Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Writer

I just watched the movie "The Soloist." A profound and beautiful movie about a writer who meets a street musician - a homeless Juliard dropout who loves music more than life itself. This writer records his story, and then becomes a part of it by trying to "help" him - finding out that playing God can be a lot more complicated than one first imagines.

It got me thinking about being a writer. We can wield such power, or we can just fill up empty air with empty words. I want to write things worth writing. I want to really dig into something and tell a story that needs to be told. The rest of the time writing feels like a waste. But I tell myself it's practice, or keeping sharp, or something like that. I've started journaling more as I blog less, largely because while the act of writing may be very important, that doesn't necessarily mean what was written is worth reading.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some Mondays aren't so bad, or, work like a grown-up, play like a grown-up

Someone told me that the real meaning of the 21st century is that the people with the least to say have more ways to say it than ever. Those people are called bloggers.

I got a job at Converse. It's been about four weeks. For the first time since graduating (actually, ever), I am working full-time. On the one hand, it's so nice to feel like a real adult that's pulling her own weight, but on the other hand, I was finally starting to be domestic - cleaning the house regularly, cooking grocery shopping, etc, and now that whole carefully perfected routine has flown out the window.

I don't understand how modern people can keep a clean house, cook most nights, and work full time. Like my sister. She even runs several miles almost every day. Maybe it comes with practice. This whole adulthood thing is still very new to me.

I guess you'd like to hear about my new job. I am writing/compiling content for Converse's web site re-launch, slated for mid-january. It's perfect because the job ends a little before I leave for the training. I enjoy the work, too. Mostly gathering information from various campus folks and the current website, some assigning/editing pieces, but a fair amount of writing new content as well. I particularly enjoyed writing the section about Converse's traditions, like the way all the seniors wear panther ears (or horns), tails, and Chuck Taylors to opening convocation.

I even have my own office, since the assistant director of communications just left and they haven't filled his position yet. I'm getting paid like a real professional too. Yes, I feel very much like a grown-up.

This extra income source has made me feel slightly less guilty than I normally would about going out a little more with friends. On Monday, I went with my old roommate and good friend Anna and her best friend Sarah to Ichiban for sushi. It was half price, but we managed to generate a hefty bill nonetheless. I still can't believe we ate 10 rolls. That's about 50-60 pieces. That's like 20 pieces of sushi per person. We got beers too - the first drink I've gotten to order since turning 21. It was a Sapporo, which is a light Japanese beer. I liked it. But I couldn't finish it so Sarah and Anna helped.

Then we got some ice cream from Brewsters (hard to believe, I know, after eating all that sushi) and went to Anna's to watch the new movie she gave me for my birthday. Mirrormask is a very strange British film with a story by Neil Gaiman and produced by Jim Henson. But we liked it immensely. It made sense to package it with the Labyrinth and the Dark Crystal - many strange creatures and shifty, mind-blowing visual scenes that turn inside out and do other crazy things. But since it was made in 2006 and used CGI rather than puppetry and animation, it was perhaps even more visually stunning, if lacking some of the earthy richness achieved by the elaborate physical designs of the other two. But it had a distinctly unique flavor - I'm guessing because the director was also the art director and co-wrote the story. It was his baby, I imagine.

The score was odd - for such spectacular visuals one would expect something sweeping and orchestral, or perhaps kind of rock-anthem. But this music was distinctly urban, with tinges of electronica and hip-hop.

Anyway, it is a good movie for fans of Tim Burton or Jim Henson. Highly imaginitive, with an epic fantasy story line, and just creepy enought to be cool.

It's nearing 9:30 - bed is calling me. (I know, isn't that repulsively early? But sadly normal thanks to my two jobs, tutoring, and the daylight savings switch.) It's cold too. I'm ready to curl up under my nice warm blankets, and watch my cat leap up, wait for me to lift the blanket for her, and circle under the blanket a few times before settling down with her head barely poking out from under the covers.
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