Friday, May 13, 2011


I am attending three weddings this spring. The first is tomorrow, two young people whom I met at Providence. Then there are the Vangsnes boys, whom I have known for several years now through bible study, who found themselves lovely Christian girls in Athens, GA and will be marrying within a week of one another. I really do enjoy weddings, especially when the couples are as dedicated to grounding their marriage in their faith as these folks are. The "three-strand chord" of Christian marital love is just so beautiful. I'm looking forward to them all.

I suppose you are wondering about the anime convention. It was, all in all, underimpressive. A small gathering in the student center of UNC Charlotte. But the cosplay was fun. And roaming around Ikea for two hours in costume was just as fun. So was enjoying cinnamon buns and milk while watching Haruhi Suzumiya back at Heather's house. Quite a lovely day, really. And, in case you were curious, here is my "completed" costume:

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