Monday, March 9, 2009

Shopping with Jesus

I want to tell you a story about how wonderful my Lord is.

Yersterday, I went to Barnes and Noble to buy some music with a gift card I've had forever. I've been learning lately how God wants to be invited into every corner of my life. Anywhere He's not welcome, I don't need to be. I was a little trepidatious about applying this in the arena of music, but I decided to do an experiment. I invited the Lord to shop for music with me. That is, I asked Him to help me choose and told Him that I wouldn't buy what He was against me having. I was a little afraid, thinking, well maybe He won't let me buy anything, or point out some kind of "spiritual music," but, whatever, we'll just see what happens.

This decision occurred after I had collected a large stack of CDs to take to that reader thing that lets you scan it and preview the tracks. So I sat down and began. Some of the music I didn't like, some of the music I kind of liked but the Lord was like "no." Then I came to a CD of an older band I like but don't have a lot of music by. All of the sudden the Lord was like "Yes!" This was the one. I was completely taken aback. I was not expecting Him to have a positive preference, I just expected Him to limit me. I double checked, but His voice was clear. When God speaks to you, you just know. I can't explain it.

So I bought it, and a cd of one of my favorite bands of which I'd had a pirate copy for years. I could tell the Lord wasn't thrilled about me buying that one but I knew the band deserved to be paid for all the times I'd listened to them and I'm trying to become a law-abiding music citizen.

I'm still so surprised at that choice the Lord made for me. It's by no means a spiritual band, and I them. It's a really fun album. But of course just because I bought this CD with the Lord's blessing doesn't mean it's automatically His will for me to listen to it whenever I want, or that they're somehow a band sanctioned by God and He wants everyone to listen to them. Of course not. I could speculate all day about why this CD, but that's a waste of time. Either I will eventually see some sort of divine reason for it, or I won't. All I know and care about right now is that I came to the Lord in vulnerability, with something I really care about, and He honored me and gave me something I really am happy with. He is just the sweetest person ever!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My power is out.

I'm blogging from work. It's been an interesting (and cold!) two days. Cole has graciously allowed me to reschedule the presentation. It is difficult to create a Powerpoint with no power.

The power goes out so often at my house that we've developed a routine. Light the candles, bring out the camping stoves, switch the fridge to gas. Boil a big pot of beans and keep hot water handy for cocoa and tea.

It's cold and we have no water because our well uses an electric pump, but yesterday was pleasant. I spent the morning visiting with elderly neighbors and the afternoon looking after some neglected small maintenance projects. My coat has all its buttons again. And my hair things, jewelry, and dresser have not been this organized since...ever. I was even able to get a little crafty with pimiento jars. I covered the lids with fabric and ribbons and they now hold hair ties and safety pins. I knew there was a reason my family has been saving all those glass jars. The jalapeno jar is especially shapely. Too bad it smells all spicy.

I'm so glad I was able to get out of the driveway and to work today. But I think I'm running a fever. Been feeling out of sorts all day, headachy and sniffly. I hope it goes away. Being sick with no power/heat/water is not a pleasant prospect.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

a string of unconnected news bytes

Yeah. It's March and it's snowing. I'm working on my presentation on the Amish for Cole's Anthropology class Thursday. And my ceiling caved in. Well about a quarter of it anyway. And I really think I'm going to be in grad school this time next year. I need money to take the GRE. Next week I am going to Atlanta for a conference, the week after that my band is playing at Shamrocks on the Square. Friday night I swing danced to an amazing band, Cristabel and the Jons, in the Cleveland Alumnae House at Converse. Wednesday I had a picnic on the hood of my car, under a beautiful tree on Kennedy Street.

I would upload pictures, but this is really just a brief update because I need to get back to the Amish presentation. It feels like being in college again. (Only this time, I am the guest lecturer!)

Oh yes three bands I recently discovered and love:

The Welcome Wagon
Noah and the Whale
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