Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Matthew in Seminary

Matthew got accepted to Princeton Theological last week! Hooray! He's got some time to think before he makes his final decision. But I'm really proud of him that he got accepted. We are praying a lot. Of course Princeton, NJ is a lot farther away from here, so we wouldn't be able to see each other as much, but we are no strangers to Skype. The main thing is that he ends up where God wants him to be.

Here are pictures of us at the Cottonwood Trail last time he came to visit.
Matt is ready for an adventure!

View from the pulpit.

He looks entirely too at home there.
That was a really happy day.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Doodle Blog

Let me know if my life illustrated is any less boring than my life in text.
February 18, 2012.[Drippy nose.] I have a cold. This morning, I dreamed that my best guy friend got really angry and kissed me on the forehead. [angry guy with pouty lips] When I woke up I didn't want to do anything but play Enya songs on the harp. [Harp.] My mom didn't want to do anything but get me to watch Enya videos on Youtube. I ate a biscuit. [biscuit.] I drank soup and alka-seltzer and felt slightly better. [cup with fizzy alka-seltzer] I spent a good two hours writing a paper and almost as long researching the new Facebook meme. line. Doodle Blogger: [swirly, star, smiley face] my friends think. [Heart, XOXO, 'Lydia hearts Matt.'] my boyfriend thinks. [house, stick figure, 'lol its pix now yayness'] my mom thinks. [Starry night by Van Gogh] I think. [Drippy nose, 'blah blah blah'] really. line. I prayed with Kinsey. I ate froyo with Katie. [Twisty's yogurt cup] I was too tired to eat dinner. I wanted to create something strikingly beautiful and artistic. [woman's eye with decorations] Instead I made this.
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