Saturday, February 18, 2012

Doodle Blog

Let me know if my life illustrated is any less boring than my life in text.
February 18, 2012.[Drippy nose.] I have a cold. This morning, I dreamed that my best guy friend got really angry and kissed me on the forehead. [angry guy with pouty lips] When I woke up I didn't want to do anything but play Enya songs on the harp. [Harp.] My mom didn't want to do anything but get me to watch Enya videos on Youtube. I ate a biscuit. [biscuit.] I drank soup and alka-seltzer and felt slightly better. [cup with fizzy alka-seltzer] I spent a good two hours writing a paper and almost as long researching the new Facebook meme. line. Doodle Blogger: [swirly, star, smiley face] my friends think. [Heart, XOXO, 'Lydia hearts Matt.'] my boyfriend thinks. [house, stick figure, 'lol its pix now yayness'] my mom thinks. [Starry night by Van Gogh] I think. [Drippy nose, 'blah blah blah'] really. line. I prayed with Kinsey. I ate froyo with Katie. [Twisty's yogurt cup] I was too tired to eat dinner. I wanted to create something strikingly beautiful and artistic. [woman's eye with decorations] Instead I made this.


  1. I think your life illustrated is highly entertaining especially all the dripping noses as they certainly illustrate the situation better than just saying 'I have a cold'. May your Kleenex box not get empty!

  2. Laughing and learning, I love doodles


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