Scripture Songs

I love scripture songs. I love to sing them, write them, collect them. They encourage and nourish me throughout the day as the tunes come to mind, and they help me memorize Bible verses.

If you like scripture songs too, you may enjoy these links: An excellent, growing collection of free scripture music (recordings and chords) - I especially like Jack Wilmore's tunes. also serves up scripture songs in a searchable interface and provides chords, tunes in midi, and music notation.

Bible Story Songs CDs are great for kids. Ok, there's nothing free here, but he recordings are top notch, and I grew up going to Bible Camp with this sister leading the singing. Good memories.

The below is my Scripture Songs project with my friend Becky. Tunes that she wrote begin with her reading the verse. Tunes that I wrote just start with singing.

More free scripture music:
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