People and Places

These are the people and places I mention regularly in my blog. Thought you may appreciate a guide.


Pamela - best friend. Met freshman year at Converse.
Grace, Jacob, & Daniel - other best friend, husband, and son. Met at Converse.
Bryant - best guy friend. We met in junior high.
Cole & Amanda - friends. I met Cole while working at Spartanburg Methodist College. He's a professor there. 
Matthew - first love, now lost.
Shushant - Second love, doomed from the start. Maybe I'll blog about it now that it's over.

Esther, Brandan, & Nova - sister, husband, and daughter.
Aaron, Ivy, & Shakti - brother, wife, and daughter.
Ed & Jane - parents.
Mary Beth - aunt.


Spartanburg, SC - My home for nearly 12 years. Also home of my alma mater, Converse College.
Austin, TX - where Esther, Aaron, and their families live.
Atlanta, GA - where I used to go a lot for Christian conferences and to visit church friends. Also home to first lost love.
Russellville, KY - where my aunt lives.
Columbia, SC - Home to USC, where I'm completing my master's (online).
Athens, GA - Where I spent spring break my senior year. Also home of some Christian gatherings I used to go to.
Anaheim, CA - Home to the Full-Time Training, where I spent most of 2010 studying the scriptures and drawing closer to God.
Gurgaon, Haryana, India - Home of best friend Pam, her husband Ryan, and some friends I gained in two trips there in 2013 and 2014.
Amritsar, Punjab, India - Ancestral home of the husband of my childhood best friend, Amrit. Visited in 2013.
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