Sunday, March 1, 2009

a string of unconnected news bytes

Yeah. It's March and it's snowing. I'm working on my presentation on the Amish for Cole's Anthropology class Thursday. And my ceiling caved in. Well about a quarter of it anyway. And I really think I'm going to be in grad school this time next year. I need money to take the GRE. Next week I am going to Atlanta for a conference, the week after that my band is playing at Shamrocks on the Square. Friday night I swing danced to an amazing band, Cristabel and the Jons, in the Cleveland Alumnae House at Converse. Wednesday I had a picnic on the hood of my car, under a beautiful tree on Kennedy Street.

I would upload pictures, but this is really just a brief update because I need to get back to the Amish presentation. It feels like being in college again. (Only this time, I am the guest lecturer!)

Oh yes three bands I recently discovered and love:

The Welcome Wagon
Noah and the Whale

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