Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My power is out.

I'm blogging from work. It's been an interesting (and cold!) two days. Cole has graciously allowed me to reschedule the presentation. It is difficult to create a Powerpoint with no power.

The power goes out so often at my house that we've developed a routine. Light the candles, bring out the camping stoves, switch the fridge to gas. Boil a big pot of beans and keep hot water handy for cocoa and tea.

It's cold and we have no water because our well uses an electric pump, but yesterday was pleasant. I spent the morning visiting with elderly neighbors and the afternoon looking after some neglected small maintenance projects. My coat has all its buttons again. And my hair things, jewelry, and dresser have not been this organized since...ever. I was even able to get a little crafty with pimiento jars. I covered the lids with fabric and ribbons and they now hold hair ties and safety pins. I knew there was a reason my family has been saving all those glass jars. The jalapeno jar is especially shapely. Too bad it smells all spicy.

I'm so glad I was able to get out of the driveway and to work today. But I think I'm running a fever. Been feeling out of sorts all day, headachy and sniffly. I hope it goes away. Being sick with no power/heat/water is not a pleasant prospect.

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