Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hub-Bubbly Mood

Woo! I had so much fun swing dancing at the Hub-Bub last night. (Jonas Criscoe is a born dancer. Wow.) Two fabulous bands. Christabel and Sarah were even kind enough to stop by the jam beforehand - I got to chat with them - they're pretty cool folks.

The jam was amazing. They just seem to be getting better and better. Bryan Teague (aka chAng) came and brought a slew of friends - Allison (jazz flute, way cool!) Maneesh on the drums, and Donny with a case full of harmonicas. Davin came, whom I know from swing dancing. A guy named Frank found us from amazing banjo player, taught us a few sweet tunes. Craig from 4pPhotoblog came and brought his family. I'm looking forward to seeing his pictures.

I get to go swing dancing again on Wednesday! (Info)

Lost in the Trees is playing Friday. (info) I probably won't make it 'cuz I've got Bible study, but they're definitely worth seeing. Check out this funky little video I found:

Oh and the AIRS are going to be hanging out at the Seay House for a week. I've never been there, so I'll probably check it out either Saturday or Sunday. (info) Two more fun things coming up: Spark 'n Boil on Tuesday and the Soapbox Open Mic next Wednesday. That'll be interesting, it's gonna be at the Nu-Way just like they had it back before Hub-Bub had a building.

No, Hub-Bub did not pay me to post this blog, I swear!


  1. Hi, Lydia!

    We had a lot of fun at the jam. My son wants to go back next month too. My photos are up on my blog and gallery sites now. Hope I did y'all some justice. Events and people aren't my strongest suit yet.

  2. You actually met chAng? Truly, the magic is happening.


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