Friday, September 5, 2008

A Realization and Lots of Photographs

I figured out why I can't write good lyrics. While writing about Missy Higgins for the Spark, (yes Steve, another plug. I now know it's going to pop straight into your much for name-dropping behind your back...) I read a lot of interviews talking about the process of songwriting. There was also a 14-yr-old girl in there somewhere who said something about the reason she writes songs is because she just can't express how she feels any other way. I've never had any trouble stating my feelings in prose, so perhaps I'll never be able to muster that emotional thrust necessary to write a song. Maybe I'm destined to become Hugh Grant in Music & Lyrics.

Today I met with a friend who has a few lyrics that need tunes. We'll see how the theory pans out.

I found the photos from my graduation weekend. It was so hard to choose just a few...every time I look at these my heart just floods with joy and I had to share it with someone.
Ecstatic at the airport, the night before graduation. This was the first time my dad had met baby Shakti.

At the reception after graduation. That's my sister next to me, and Aunt Mary Beth hiding coyly behind the flowers :) She's usually behind the camera.

It was the first and last chance I'd get to enjoy the Converse campus with my whole family.

Back at home. Mom never passes up a chance to display her storytelling skillz.

Aaron and me jamming on the piano.

It's a family thing.

Mom is a first-class kazooist.

Shakti gets in on the action.

My father really took to the whole grandpa thing.

Mom prefers to be known as "J-Ma."

At Five Spices for a last meal before their trip home. If you've never had lunch at Five Spices, you've got to try it - such the best.

Little heartbreaker.


  1. ~ Swingin' back through, your family seems cool about the creativity. I can't help but think about "the circle will be unbroken" with daddy sang bass, momma sang tenor, family jam sessions, it's great. Made me go dig up this old Johnny Cash:

    ~ I always wanted my own double bass, they had one where I worked up at the farm where they throw the moonshiners reunion at. I heard there's one for sell really cheap in Union if I can ever track it down. What kind of story telling does your mom do? Sounds neat.

  2. Thanks...

    your blog is discriminatory. I can't comment because I'm not a LJ user. :P

    my mom tells children's stories...she works at the HQ library in the children's dept. that particular one was "the Young and Dashing" princess..she's such a dork, she tries to get us to do the hand motions and everything. :)

    Hey, if you're coming to the jam next sat. you can play Dad's bass.

  3. ~ Thanks for pointing that out about my comment section, just fixed it. ..and thanks for the heads up about the Morgan square jam being next week, and the invite on the bass, I'm excited. I'll see if my friends that plays flute and harmonica can make it too, should be lots of fun.

    ~ Children's story telling is definitely the most imaginative and expressive kind. I'm sure she has a great time doing that.

    thanks again ~


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