Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why not make a night of it?

Ever been so exhausted you can't sleep? Such is the unfortunate state I find myself in, now at 5am, the day after I finished my final project for class. Bad news is, work at 9am. Good news is, NO MORE SCHOOL FOR A MONTH! Hooray!

I have utilized this bout of sleepnessness to make a few improvements to the blog. Notice the new pages at top. Also, I am trying to increase the readability of the text - darkened some colors. Let me know if it's still hard to read.

I wanted to show you my final project for graduate school. After 36 hours of labor on the presentation alone (the project itself totaled far more) I am justifiably proud. Enjoy!

All this work on the Converse website has made me realize how my blog is kind of stuck in the mid-00's and it was never very reader-centric. In an attempt to modernize, I will be incorporating more interactivity, like this Prezi, a music player, and Flickr slideshows. Who knows, now that I have a webcam I might start vlogging! I also want to add content which will hopefully be useful to you, starting with Scripture Songs and Teen Songwriters, which can be found above.

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