Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lunch break at Converse

Ten minutes to spare, munching on my Fresh Market sushi.

Matthew came this weekend. Matthew, that's his name. My gentleman. Charming, passionate, godly Matthew. Of the many indelible memories we made together, the peak was probably dancing on a rooftop in Greenville. It was sunset, he put on Frank Sinatra, donned a fedora and swept me off my feet. Top that, gentlemen. :-P

I had always sort of skipped the romance part of my considerations of a man. In my mind it was kind of like, God points out the one and then I say OK, now we have to work through X,Y, and Z and then we can get married and the real stuff starts. I take coupleness very seriously. Its goal is to fulfill God's purpose and also provide an image of what God wants His relationship with His church to be. I focused on the first part of that more, the team aspect, laboring together for the gospel and to bring the Lord back.

But honestly, the Bible is just as much about romance as it is about God's will. You can't split them because God's heart is utterly romantic. I knew that - have felt Jesus wooing me, romancing me all these years, but I guess I never thought about an earthly man's right - prerogative - to do the same thing. In his deep love, his satisfaction in me, his delight in my every happiness, Matthew is teaching me about Jesus. It takes a lot to allow yourself to be loved, at least for me it does. But as I see Matthew's joy in my simply receiving his affections, I see Jesus' delight when the heart turns to him, and a reflection of the glory as the veil is taken away (2 Cor. 3:16).

I know first love is not necessarily last love, and that there is no sureness until the day of unbreakable vows, but still, this is a beautiful thing that God has made, and I will thank Him and delight in it.

Matthew and I at Falls Park


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