Sunday, October 30, 2011

Love and Respect and...Courting...

First of all, awesome blog that my mom turned me on to. She and my dad went to this marriage seminar based on the book, Love and Respect, and they seemed to have really had a good time. Turns out the folks that do the seminar have a daughter who writes a blog for us young single's actually not only thoughtful, relevant and Biblically sound, but it has this unexpected streak of ridiculousness that keeps me laughing. The blog is called Love and Respect Now.

So yeah, relationships have been on my mind for the past...several months. Well, six weddings in one year, a girl's bound to at least give it a thought...;-)
I've written blogs about it that have either stayed in draft, been trashed, or posted and then removed. This is perhaps the only thing that I'm really super shy and awkward about. But I feel like the time has come to open up on my blog, at least a little bit. 

I didn't date, at all, through high school and college, and only just became open to the idea this past year. I read Joshua Harris's "I Kissed Dating Goodbye." I was perfectly happy giving my singleness to God. That was what was expected while I was in the Training, as well. To this day I am content with the choices I made. But of course, you come to new phases of your life. So, maybe in January 2011, I set my facebook status to "single." Before that it was...nothing. Nun, I guess. :-) That was a small outward indicator of a decision within me, the result of much prayer and meditation, a conclusion that I was ready courted. (Yes, I am hopelessly old fashioned.) Without getting into detail about what all transpired over 2011, at this point, it tickles me pink to say that I am indeed being courted, by an utterly charming and wonderful young brother whose passion for Christ reminds me of the book of Acts and whose winning way makes me feel like the star of a fairytale. :-) No, don't be alarmed, it is only in the early stages, and only God knows what will become of it. But after months of fear, nervousness and awkwardness, (half growing up a church kid does create its own odd baggage) I have tied my hat on tight (read: brain), placed my trust in God, and am just allowing myself to enjoy the ride.

I don't know how much I will divulge on my blog as of yet. It took considerable courage just to write this much. So pardon me if I err on the side of discretion.

In other news, I sideswiped a truck on Thursday. Knocked out my headlight. That was annoying.

Oh, and another wedding in November will bring the year's total to 7. This one is two old acquaintances from Summer School of Truth and conferences - an unexpected but adorable match. Actually, this sister also had to leave the Training because of health reasons - this with a few other stories have got me wondering, is medical leave one of God's clever match-up strategies? Time will tell. >.< But anyway, I am looking forward to my second church life wedding.

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