Thursday, October 6, 2011

A fairytale wedding in pictures

My brother's wedding was so much more amazing than I could have imagined. He has a wonderful wife and awesome supportive friends that helped them pull off their dream wedding. Without further ado, a photographic narrative. (For a soundtrack to the story, I recommend Beats Antique.)
The lovely bride, Ivy. To think,
this veil was only for the bachelorette party!

Aaron, Ivy and company trampolining. 
Aunt Mary Beth gets a feather!
Ivy gets henna.
Creating prayer flags
Finished prayer flags!
Rehearsal dinner
My niece Shakti (in pink)
My sister Esther has such a beautiful family.
My aunt Dede made it from El Paso. 2 aunts together
at once. that's Anthony history!
Me pre-revelry
Cutest little washstand!
Esther's mother-in-law Karen with husband David
The Wedding Tree
Shakti the Flower Girl
the Happy Groom
Mr. Ivey gives the bride away.
Guests stand in rapt attention as bubbles fill the sunset sky.
Mike, AKA Smiley, officiates.
A present for the happy couple.

Cake cutting time!
That's Ivy saying "you better not smash that in my face!"
With her wonderful earmuffs, Nova could sleep
through even the loudest DJs. Esther is Supermom!
The Festivities
Yes, my mother dances.
Dance floor!
Baby dances too.
Me mid-revelry
Me post-revelry
My tent (courtesy of Esther and Brandan)
The bridal bower (that they never actually
slept in because they never actually slept!)
How can she party all night and still look this good?
The view from my brother's couch
My brother-in-law Brandan rocks the synth
at the Pecan Street Festival.
His twin, Alan on bass. Not pictured is the foggy daze
through which I viewed the entire day after the wedding.
My aunt DeDe. Not pictured is the scooter with which
I giddily traversed Whole Foods after injuring my leg.
I love my family!

I hope you have enjoyed this evening's presentation. In other news, I am enjoying fresh raw string beans from my very first delivery from SHAREcroppers CSA. Mmm!

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