Thursday, January 1, 2009

Old School Paper Delivery

Happy New Year.
Yesterday, Dad and I successfully delivered Root to a handful of locations, by bike. Pick up a copy while dining at the following fine establishments:

the Honeybee Cafe
Sun King
Captain Tony's
Mexico Lindo
Four Seasons

Or you can just read it online.

As promised, I have pictures chronicling the journey.

Me pumping air.


This is what we were looking at for about half an hour going down East Main.

Bike Portrait With Flag. Note the trash bag. I felt compelled to do a little tidying along Webber Road.

Me back at the house. I now have two sets of wheels.

It's cold out here in the sunroom. My laptop is experiencing the bane of all laptops - the dreaded power plug malfunction - so I am on Dad's desktop. Luckily I have a mitt to keep me warm:

My right hand is jealous. The right mitt's been giving me grief but I'm gonna finish it off tonight.

Now that my camera is back you may expect a lot more photos. Next up: pix from Atlanta.

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