Saturday, December 13, 2008

Skate, art, and a job

Hey, it's a Greer-based arts zine:
(haven't really looked at it just noticed the ad on facebook...)

Today as I was driving home, I noticed several cars parked in the big empty lot next to the abandoned gas station next to my house. I looked closer and saw a bunch of kids on skateboards. A sign read "Sk8 Contest Today!" I've never really had much to do with skateboarding, but it was interesting and rare enough that I had to stop in for a closer look. Turns out, it was a fund raiser / party for the soon-to-be started skate park coming to Union Street. That's cool. Especially because, from what I understand, local skate kids had a big part in designing the park and making it happen. I'm not much of a sports spectator but it was fun watching all those skaters all the way from tiny six-year-olds to high school and maybe a few beyond.

Caroll Foster, a photographer I've seen a bit around Hub-Bub, was the MC today and has been one of the players. I'm pretty sure Will Barnet, the mayor's son, has been involved too. Caroll said it's taken 5 years to get it all together and get the approval, funds and support, but they've pretty much gotten all the money now and will be starting early next year. Here's the website with more info.

Way to go, guys! Can't wait to see the skate park in full swing!

Oh yes, I also wanted to mention, they've created my dream job. My application's in and I'm waiting for a call. Woohoo! Now I have to get all professional and stuff for the interview.

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