Friday, December 5, 2008

Chicago, Drinks and Clothing

Can't believe it's been nearly a month since I was here. Just been busy.

Read about this chica in Fiber Arts at work today. And this one. Way cool. And how about this fashion label. Slow fashion...what a concept! I feel new years resolutions brewing...

I went to Chicago. In a van. With my friends. lol. Normally I would want to spend an entire afternoon chronicling the epic journey, but unfortunately, the storytelling impulse has been exhausted on friends and parents. Didn't get to the blog soon enough.

It was marvelous, and I suppose to make up for not saying much I will repost a few photos from friends' facebooks. Maybe I will ask their permission first. In the meantime, I will share the facebook note I wrote:

A Collection of Tasty Drinks
So I decided I would begin a list of unusual non-alchoholic beverages to inspire the palate and quench the thirst of the adventurous teetotaler (or designated driver). Feel free to add to this list.

Boba / Bubble Tea

A pan-Asian treat. Frequently fruit- or coffee-flavored, often smoothie-like but whose distinguishing characteristic are the tapioca balls ("bubbles") which add a unique chewing experience. I recently had an avocado-flavored boba - it was actually quite tasty.

A Latin American rice milk drink. Generally enjoyed iced with cinnamon and vanilla.

Mango Lassi
A thick, rich Indian yogurt drink. Pale orange in color, It's got a great taste and texture and is perfect for cooling your tongue after some spicy papadomes and chutney.

Chicha Morada
A brilliant purple Peruvian drink made from purple corn. Very sweet, tastes a little fruity, a little like bubble gum and cinnamon.

Thai Tea
A sweet, smoky, milky beverage from (you guessed it) Thailand. Opaque amber in color, very rich and usually enjoyed iced.

Grass Jelly Drink
One of many unusual sweet herb-flavored Asian beverages. Contains dark-green jelly cubes. Tastes...herby.

Basil Seed Drink
Another Asian herbal oddity, real basil seeds in their little jelly sacs are suspended throughout. If you can get past their striking resemblance to frog eggs, it is actually, a pleasant, refreshing beverage.

The last three can be purchased canned or bottled at your local Asian grocery. Horchata can be purchased in powder or bottle form at just about any grocery with a hispanic foods section. For bubble tea, chicha morada, and mango lassi, your best bet is to visit a restaurant of the appropriate ethnicity.Will post more as I find them. Please respond with your favorites. I'm particularly curious about any savory drinks out there.

Ooh that reminds me:

Avocado Soup
A chilled pureed soup with many variations. My dad and I make it from avocados, chicken broth, soy milk, garlic and green peppercorns. Frothy and delicious. I drink it from a mug so it counts.

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