Friday, November 21, 2014

Thankful in India: Getting Here

Hi everybody! Guess where I am! Haha, I know, only the most unobservant wouldn't have gathered it from the title.
Well, I am compelled to blog better than I did on my first India trip. Again I'm confronted with the struggle to write one more narrative when I've already relayed it to so many people in diverse ways (mostly Facebook messages, status updates and photo upload). Then I thought, why don't I just use that to my advantage? So here is the story, so far, as told through Facebook snippets.

In Charlotte they cancelled my first flight and put me up in a hotel. This delayed my ETA by 24 hours.

In Houston (where they rerouted me) I was ushered through security to the ticket station because I didn't have a boarding pass for the connecting flight that was boarding immediately. As soon as I got to the other side, I heard my name paged telling me to report to gate D4 where I assume my boarding pass was waiting for me. I was informed that I could not now go back through security without a boarding pass, and the airline would not give me my boarding pass - they said I had to get it at the terminal that was far away. So I missed my connecting flight. After a couple prayerful hours I was given a new booking through British Airways. When I went to get my boarding pass I was informed that my visa had expired. Of course I had checked my visa before the trip - it said 12-03-2014. December 3, 2014, right? Wrong. March 12, 2014. She gave me boarding passes as far as London and asked me if I wanted to take my chances with the Indian Consulate in London, or should I rebook my flight to go home.
Sometimes you have to make a snap decision and you pray and you can't tell if you're hearing God but you just decide. When I finally made it through security with my boarding pass, the TSA lady was happy to see me. She said, "You made it! I was praying hard for you. You are going to get where God wants you to go." So then I knew, India or no, I was still walking His path.

Fred is from Mars. Making a stop in Covent Garden,
London. Prepared for snow with his shovel there.
Covent Garden Market.

Drury Lane. Yes, really.
Apparently I've been hanging out on the West End. Or Theatreland.
Or maybe they are the same thing.
Lots of walking. And praying. James 1 is my motto scripture for this trip. James wasn't kidding when he said ask for wisdom and it will be granted. It was like heavenly negotiating power and divine persistence.

The High Commission of India - glad they looked upon this
lowly traveler with benevolence.

So...this little scuff on the bathroom stall reminded
me of Jesus' ascension...

Delicious latte no. 2 at Caffe Nero. Celebrating visa victory.

 So here I am. Jetlagged, and thankful.
PS. PS. read the next India 2014 blog post, or the India 2013 post.


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