Tuesday, March 20, 2012

IA Summit New Orleans 2 - French Quarter Buskers

Glorious afternoon! I am now in that happy, delirious sort of exhaustion.
Teens performing in Jackson Square
 These kids were cool. They came from Oklahoma and are spreading the gospel through dance. One of them also approached me and asked if they could pray over me. So we prayed for the Chic-fil-A Bible study. So unexpectedly uplifting.

Guitarist holding my Long Purple Bike card
 This guy's name is Woody. He was playing in front of the Cafe Du Monde and he's the first musician I found. He's from Vermont and came to New Orleans five weeks ago seeking fame and fortune through music, or something like that. He's got a great voice. He picked up trombone a few days ago. He invited me to play and sing with him. We had a blast.
  Woody told me there were more musicians on Royal Street. Sure enough, there were two fantastic fiddlers. But I had a problem. No more small bills to tip them! So I popped in the nearest door intending to ask for change for my ten. Boy was I surprised to see all of these exquisite paintings!

Gallery Burguires
Ally Burguires in her gallery
The artist's name is Ally Burguires. She has been showing her art in New York and I think Los Angeles. She got her PhD in Ireland. I bought a postcard instead of asking for change. Obviously I'm not a rich patron so there's only so much I can do, but when I see beautiful art I want to support it. Find more of Ally's paintings here.
Zachariah Coldhouse Waters

This guy's guitar skills and voice really moved me. He played funk and blues. Here he is explaining about people trying to label the delta blues. He says, he's from the delta, and he plays the blues. That's the delta blues.

I also met a lady named Christine from Denmark who liked to play Joni Mitchell covers. She played Big Yellow Taxi for me.

Lastly, my favorite buskers, fiddlers John and Lyle. They were right outside of the artist's gallery. Lyle teaches fiddle lessons. I was going to buy them some beer but I left my driver's license in my suitcase. So I bought them sweet tea and cherry coke instead. John's wolf was really sweet. Watch John and Lyle perform another piece, this one an original composition, here.

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  1. Awww, such fun adventure! Makes me want to go!!

  2. Glad you having such a wonderful time love!!! I can't wait to see you when you come back!


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