Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Three weddings, a graduate course and 3200 miles later...

I am back from a surprise road trip to Texas. My cousin Martin passed away and my dad and I drove down to his funeral. We also got to catch up with my uncles Doc and Roy and my aunt Dede, and see my sister's baby Nova and my brother's new house. It was a long, grueling drive but the time with family was worth it.

The weddings were all great. They each had such a unique flavor that reflected the couples' personalities. The first was formal and elegant.

Bride and groom sit at a decorated table

The wedding cake, surrounded by confetti
The second was charmingly rustic.
Bride and groom cut the cake in a cabin. Nearby a groom's cake is shaped like a mountain.

A sunflower sits in a jar in front of a stone staircase.
 The third was funky and atmospheric.

At the outdoor alter, the groom is about to kiss the bride on the forehead. The pastor looks on.

Cupcakes, labeled with the couple's name, and by flavor.

Bride and groom zoom down the road on a scooter with streamers trailing.

I'm actually going to another wedding this month, and then my brother's wedding in September. 2011 is definitely my year of weddings. In other news, I finished my first course in graduate school. It was really intense. That's why you haven't heard from me in a month. My second course is slightly less intense but still time consuming. I forgot how much hard work it is to be in school. Here is my family, from my trip to Texas:

 My uncle Doc. It was his son that passed away.

My aunt DeDe.

My uncle Roy. 

 My nieces, Nova and Shakti.
Ed Anthony and Offspring.


  1. Lydia, thanks so much for making this long journey with your Dad. He could not have done it alone. Since I had to work and could not be with you, it means more to me than you can know that you helped him to reconnect with family. I have been deeply touched that even though miles separate us at times and distances are great, the bonds of love are eternal and always triumph.

  2. Lydia, you need to post these pics to Facebook. I'm sure your aunt and uncles would enjoy seeing them.


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