Saturday, October 24, 2009

I got a New Laptop

I am posting this from the BloggerBuddy Gadget - it's a 2-postage-stamp size app on the edge of my beautiful 15inch screen. Yay! Maybe the fact that I have my own computor again, combined with the fact that I can post a blog with a single mouse click, will encourage me to write more and shorter blogs. Won't that be nice?

More about my computer:

  • Windows 7
  • Card reader
  • DVD writer

  • 250GB hard drive

  • $350

I'm loving it so far. Windows 7 is a pretty steep learning curve though, considering I'm going from XP. Favorite new features so far include Snap, gadgets, themes (a slow slide show for my wall paper! So fun! ) and Google Toolbar.

Jump lists seems promising but I'll have to wait and prove its usefulness. I'm off to explore the super new Paint - always been my favorite MS program. I wonder how much it's like Paint.NET...

By the way, I turned 21 on Thursday and had an amazing party.
I don't think I can post pictures from this gadget but maybe later I will show you my blurry camera phone pix.

Woohoo! Wow it's half past one I probably should turn this thing off and get some sleep.

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