Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mound Ridge

It's official. I will be a counselor at Mound Ridge Camp this summer. It's a small, Presbyterian, outdoorsy camp in Missouri. I'm quite excited about it. Not only does it seem to be a spiritual place but because it is so small I will have the opportunity to exercise many of my gifts, teaching crafts, leading songs, etc. It's a beautiful, remote area in the Ozarks. There are rivers to be forded, trails to be trekked, trees to be climbed, mountains to be boarded down...I know it's going to be an experience to remember.

I will try to maintain a weekly chronicle of my time there and will have access to email and phone. But my contact with civilization will be somewhat limited. I'll have to get used to dial-up internet again.

I leave for set-up and orientation on May 11 or 12. That's the week after next. I'll be back the second week of June to work for SMC's summer semester, go to the Music Camp, and sing with the WindJammers for Ice Cream Sunday on Father's Day. Then I'll be driving back over with all my gear for the camp stretch and won't set foot in SC again for two whole months. What an adventure!

This may or may not be my last post 'til then. I will be accepting your best wishes in the comment box below.

PS. Look for the latest issue of Root starting Monday!

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