Saturday, August 30, 2008

I just finished watching Dan in Real Life - good movie, great soundtrack by Sondre Lerche. (BTW apparently it's produced Son-dray Lehr-keh) I love these kinds of movies. Understated, full I just love watching adults in a big family interacting. Having fun together, goofing off, fighting, being there for eachother... maybe because it's still such a new thing to me. I'm the youngest in a family of five, and we were always pretty much it beside my mother's sister Mary Beth. My brother left home when I was three, and we hadn't been in very good contact until recently. And while my parents and I were moving all over the country for dad's work, my sister was going to college and building a life in Texas - since I was eight we've only seen eachother about twice a year.
A couple of years ago, around the time I was being initated into the realm of adulthood, my sister Esther got married. Her husband, Brandan, has a twin brother and two sisters, divorced and remarried parents, and grandparents on both sides, not to mention his sibling's spouses/bfs/gfs. At their wedding, I got a glimpse into a very different kind of family...big, and colorful and close. Not that we're not close, and we're certainly colorful, but it was just a completely new experience.
Aaron (2nd from L) Esther and I with my new siblings-in-law after the wedding

Since then, my brother Aaron has started a family of his own, so now throw a wonderful "sister-in-love" and an adorable, sweet and smart baby neice (Shakti) and suddenly I've got this big ol' family. Unfortunately, Esther and Aaron and their families live in Austin, TX, and Aunt Mary Beth lives in Kentucky, but whenever we can all get together, it's a true delight.

Cassie, Shakti and Esther from my summer 07 visit

The last time that happened was for my graduation this past may. It was one of the best weekends of my life. I got to know my family, again, and realized that they were all pretty cool people. The kind of people I'd want to know, even if we weren't related. We hung out and talked, (Cassie and I would definitely have launched some kind of crafty project had we had more time) and Aaron and I jammed on the piano. I am so proud of him and his music, proud of Esther and the fact that she's been getting a master's degree while teaching full-time - and has been offered a position as a school librarian before she's even finished her degree. And I'm proud of Cassie, who is a phenomenal mother, and has found her calling as an outspoken advocate of natural birth and healthy parenting.

Hopefully I'll find my misplaced photos of graduation soon.

Even moving back in with Mom and Dad has been alright - they're cool too, in their own way. After all, my mom gets to put on goofy hats and read stories to kids for a living (she's works in the children's department of the downtown library - say hello to Ms. Jane next time you're in) and my dad...well I could spend a whole blog on him, let's just say, he's a character. Life here at home is pretty good - now if I could just get my bedroom into some semblance of post-college order, and if Mom would just stop trying to tell me what shoes to wear to work.

Oh! Work! That's right, I have to tell you about my first week on the job! It's great. My boss, Mr. Haller, is laid-back, funny, and a good teacher, and he brings his dog Scout to the library every day. So far I've learned basic circulation stuff (checking books out/in) and cataloguing (getting new books into the system and ready to be checked out). I'm always reading and learning, and sharing my passion for learning with students. I spent Friday basically doing a library scavenger hunt (was working on the freshman library orientation worksheet) and coming up with new obscure words for them to look up. I stumbled upon a choice phrase from the 1600's in the 1989 New Oxford English Dictionary: "the savoir of his meate thru eructation ascendeth." It amuses me greatly. I am so immature.

So yes, I have to thank God for blessing me with such a rich life. Family, Good job, great friends...last night after Bible Study, my friend Grace (the one who plays with her husband, that I mentioned in the first post) had me over to look through a bunch of gift clothes that didn't fit her. I don't know what was in the air, but she, her husband Jacob and I were slinging puns left and right. I discovered puns are best enjoyed (perhaps "snorfed" is a better word) with cheddar popcorn, Jello and Bing cherries, late in the evening. Grace sent me home with a cup full of rose petals and the stern command to take a bubble bath. You can't beat friends like that.

And that leads me to my musical discoveries of the week:

SeePeoples, an edgy, Asheville-based indie-rock band ("Apocalypse Cow" may be the best song/album title ever). Thanks to the Spark for introducing me to these guys.

Tally Hall. Crazy. that's all I have to say.

The Crayon Fields...this is the seemingly random connection from Grace and the bubble bath - these guys are perfect for a quiet evening with candles, lavender, rose petals, and bubbles. At least if you're me.

Until next time!

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